Torrential Downpour on our walk to campus. We showed up dripping, drenched, and completely SOAKED for Picture Day! That was with an umbrella. It was an adventure.

IMG_4351#FrogsSwimmingOnSidewalks #PictureDay #TORRENTIALDownpour

Recap & Reminders: 

  1. Bring an umbrella/Drive!
  2. Complete HIPPA training quiz if you haven’t already (first pocket of binder, HW from DAY 1)
  3. Rotation Schedule must be completed following template found on course shell (due in Dec.)
  4. *Review Diabetes Case Study and Articles to prepare for “Diabetes Boot Camp”
  5. Books for tomorrow: Binder, Choose Your Foods Food Lists for Diabetes, Food Medicine Interactions. You need the Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment book for Friday.
  6. Order books for courses that begin Monday- Student Center- My Class Schedule- Book List. Try Amazon or Chegg

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